Science Fair

Brookside Science Fair

Wednesday, April 17, 2024 4:30-6:30pm 

Brookside Elementary School Gym 

All students, grades K through 5th, are encouraged to take part in the Science Fair! 

A successful science fair project does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. However, it does require some planning. Some projects (for example, growing plants) require weeks to get results, or you may need to try your experiment more than once. 

Project Guidelines: Students may work individually, in pairs, or in small groups. All of the work on science fair projects will be done at home, outside of school time. Students should get parent approval for your project. The idea is for students to have a meaningful learning experience, so please choose a project that fits with student age-level and abilities. 

Safety Note: The following are NOT ALLOWED to be displayed at the Science Fair (you may show photographs): open flames; flammable chemicals; live animals; preserved animals or their body parts; microbial cultures or fungi; food; needles or other sharp or dangerous objects; drugs; radioactive, toxic, poisonous, corrosive or reactive materials; or open top batteries. 

Do you need an idea? Here are some ideas and questions to get you started. Also check out our school library or your neighborhood public library for science fair “how to” books. 

Free display boards! PTA has purchased cardboard tri-fold display boards for students to use. Once your science fair project is underway please email and we will arrange for a display board to be delivered to the student’s classroom to take home. 

Please include student name, grade and teacher on the front of all display boards/projects. If extra display materials are included with the display board please label with student name.