What does the PTA do?

Student Events

The Student Events Chair(s) takes the lead in organizing the various school-wide functions throughout the year, including the Back to School events (Ice Cream Social, BBQ) Movie Nights, the Blue Jay Boogie, Pancake Breakfast, and Skate Night. They also may organize parents-only events like Oktoberfest and Bingo Night.

Student Arts, Culture & Education

The ACE Chair(s) bring opportunities for Brookside students to engage in arts activities. These may include the drama after school program, the art docent program, and Brookside's participation in the annual reflections art program. 

Student Enrichment Programs

The Enrichment Chair(s) works with various outside entities and vendors to bring programs like the after school enrichment offerings and Pacific Science Center presentations to the school. They plan and coordinate the annual school science fair

Enrichment classes are PTA-coordinated educational classes that meet after school. They range from robotics and coding, to sewing and music, drama and physical education, and more. They are an exciting way for kids to learn new skills. Enrichment classes are offered 3 times a year. If you know an organization or someone who would make a great provider of an enrichment program, please contact our Student Enrichment chairs, Tiffany Lansing and Emily Jo Rajotte, at t.lansing@brooksidepta.org and e.rajotte@brooksidepta.org.

Community Support

Our Community Support chair helps us to coordinate initiatives and activities such as the Brookside Snack Drive, The WORKS drives, Annual Gift to Shoreline Public Schools Angel Fund

Staff Support

The Staff Support Chair(s) facilitates ways to support and appreciate our teachers and staff. They oversee the annual awards for teacher, staff, and volunteers at Brookside. They oversee staff appreciation week in May, and coordinate other staff appreciation activities, such as staff lunches, throughout the year. This role facilitates communication with Room Liaison volunteers. 

Room Liaisons

The Brookside PTA recruits volunteer Room Liaisons for each class every year. Supporting each teacher, this role can include class parties and celebrations, art projects, reading time, and teacher assistance (decorating the halls with student work). Each room liaison works with their teacher to give them exactly the support required.

FACE/DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

The FACE/DEI Chair will work with Brookside’s Family Advocate and with others members across our school district to help Brookside families feel welcomed as a part of our community. The FACE/DEI Chair(s) develops and implements initiatives to build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive PTA and school community.