Current Board


Hannah Blackbourn

Vice President

Kelly Brady


Eura Szuwalski


Jennie Brixey

Ways & Means

Leslie Green

Ways & Means

Monica Kelly

Auction Chair

TBD - Open


Nicole Clugston 


Phyllis Molina 


Nicole Gant


Lisa Hill


Erin Middleton


Brian Leitzelar


Ben Brunjes

Room Liaison Lead

Tina Buss

Staff Support

Jamie Morray

Staff Support

Lindsey Wickman

Student Events

Molly Brunjes

Student Events

Janine Wilson


Tiffaney Lansing


Emily Jo Rajotte

Arts, Culture, & Education

Meghan Doyle

Arts, Culture, & Education

Kelsi Raich

Community Support Chair

Joan Morrison

PTA Co-Presidents:

The Brookside PTA is led by two "co-presidents." They are the presiding officers and the official spokespersons of the PTA. These two individuals work collaboratively to provide leadership and inspiration to the PTA, oversee all its activities and ensure that it aligns with our overall mission and goals. They preside over monthly PTA board meetings, quarterly PTA general meetings, and meet bi-weekly with the school administration. Presidents plan the meeting agendas with the PTA Secretary, and input from all PTA members. They build an effective PTA team that can work to enrich the educational experience of our children. Typically at Brookside, the first year as co-president is about supporting and learning the role, while the second year the Co-President takes the lead and helps mentor the next Co-President. Find full information in the Co-President Handbook.


The Secretary works with the President to prepare meeting agendas and distributes them to Board and General members. They record meeting minutes, direct and record motions. They keep attendance at all meetings and prepare sign-in sheets for monthly board meetings. They keep a notebook with copies of the budget, monthly minutes, agendas, board meeting attendance, the bylaws, and the standing rules. They assist the President, when needed. The secretary also maintains the PTA calendar on our website. Find full information in the Secretary Handbook


The Treasurer maintains the budget for the PTA and provides a Treasurer's Report at each monthly meeting. The duties of the PTA Treasurer include, but are not limited to: assure all PTA funds are promptly deposited into bank accounts where PTA funds are maintained, Keep an accurate and detailed account of all funds received and disbursed and pay all authorized financial obligations of the PTA, Submit and annual report at the end of the fiscal year (June 30), Develop and present the budget for the following year (with input from other PTA leaders), Prepare and fill appropriate forms, reports, and licenses in a timely manner. They handle audits, coordinate tax filing, and are responsible for all governmental paperwork. They handle all checks, reimbursements, and other finances. Find full information in the Treasurer Handbook

Ways and Means:

The Ways & Means Chair(s) are our fundraising champions. They are charged with making sure our funds are sufficient to meet our budget commitments. They organize, oversee, and promote all fundraising activities & events. Ways & Means will form and chair committees for annual fundraisers as needed. They are always evolving our fundraising in the spirit of meeting our current needs and align with our mission. Ways & Means leads our Camp Orkila fundraising team (separate but connected to the PTA board). 

Auction Chair:

The Auction Chair leads efforts for the annual auction gala each spring. They will choose a theme which sets the tone for each auction. This role has the support of committees and volunteers (as well as professional event organizer) to present the Gala.


The Communications Chair updates social media (Facebook, Instagram) and the PTA website with events, activities, and important information. They publicize and socialize events for the PTA and school through a monthly newsletter and email. 


The Membership Chair handles recruitment and membership. The goals are to recruit new members and retain our current members. 

FACE/DEI (Family & Community Engagement/Diversity, Equity and Inclusion):

The FACE/DEI Chair will work with Brookside’s Family Advocate and with others members across our school district to help Brookside families feel welcomed as a part of our community. The FACE/DEI Chair(s) develops and implements initiatives to build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive PTA and school community. 


The Legislative Chair(s) keeps up on state wide and national initiatives impacting educational curriculum or funding. They report out on any critical advocacy needs, as well as encourage advocacy for our students and community when the opportunity arises. 

Staff Support:

The Staff Support Chair(s) facilitates ways to support and appreciate our teachers and staff. They oversee the annual awards for teacher, staff, and volunteers at Brookside. They oversee staff appreciation week in May, and coordinate other staff appreciation activities, such as staff lunches, throughout the year. This role facilitates communication with Room Liaison volunteers. 

Student Events:

The Student Events Chair(s) takes the lead in organizing the various school-wide functions throughout the year, including the Back to School events (Ice Cream Social, BBQ) Movie Nights, the Blue Jay Boogie, Pancake Breakfast, and Skate Night. They also may organize parents-only events like Oktoberfest and Bingo Night.


The Enrichment Chair(s) works with various outside entities and vendors to bring programs like the after school enrichment offerings and Pacific Science Center presentations to the school. They plan and coordinate the annual science fair. 

Arts, Culture and Education:

The ACE Chair(s) bring opportunities for Brookside students to engage in arts activities. These may include the drama after school program, the art docent program, and Brookside's participation in the annual reflections art program.