Parent Programs

Art Docent Program

The Art Docent Program at Brookside is beloved by both students and teachers. It encourages art discussions and activities that are a springboard for creative exploration for the students. It provides an extra resource, for the teachers, by establishing legitimacy of arts as a critical part of the basic curriculum.

The students expand their ability to form definitions of their visual world, as well as being introduced to a variety of artists, past and present, from around the world. The students use varied medias as a means of expression, from ceramics to India ink. By having children examine elements of art, they can apply those to their own creative endeavors with greater understanding.

The Docents, a volunteer who acts as a guide, get a unique opportunity in the classroom to be meaningful facilitators. They guide, challenge, suggest, and prompt students within the subject of art, which is not only fun for the students but enriching and inspiring for the Docents as well.

Back to School BBQ

Every year the Brookside community gathers together to start the school year. This is a time to meet the Brookside staff, connect with families, and celebrate the start of another great school year. The Back to School BBQ kicks off right after your kids meet their teachers and see their classrooms for the first time. Food and activites are provided in the covered area off the gym and throughout the school's outdoor facility.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Please visit our volunteering page to learn more about opportunities