2020 Fundraising Appeal

Dear Brookside Families,

Even in these unprecedented times of remote learning, social distancing, and uncertainty, the Brookside PTA continues to provide resources for the students, families and teachers of Brookside Elementary, as well as our surrounding community. In 2020, the PTA has had to adjust our usual support to meet the distinct needs of this year, including:

  • Additional support for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) programs

  • Our traditional Camp Orkila grant

  • Staff development opportunities

  • Distance learning tools, like headphones and microphones

  • Many more benefits to fit our truly distinct set of needs this year.

The PTA’s activities are possible only with time and money from our community and members. The PTA relies on numerous fundraising activities throughout the year to collect funds to enhance the opportunities and experiences surrounding Brookside Elementary. This year is unlike any other we’ve experienced. Our kids are home, unable to participate in their favorite activities and after-school programs. There’s a lot of uncertainty about getting back to the classrooms. Kids are stressed, adults are stressed, and family budgets are stressed. It has also limited the ability for the PTA to run some of our traditional fundraising activities.

This year we only ask you to give what you can, only if you can

The Brookside PTA provides valuable resources for teachers, students, and the community. With the funds we collectively raise for the betterment of our children, we provide teachers with grants and supplies, our family and students with scholarships, funding for camps, afterschool programs, STEM in the classrooms, and much more. This year we are reaching out for your help if you are able, with a donation of money, time, or both.

Monetary Donation

If you are in a situation where you can provide a monetary donation this year, the PTA would appreciate your support. Due to the current environment we aren’t asking for a set amount of money or even a suggested amount. If you can give, all we ask is that you give what you can. Every dollar raised will go to the PTA's general fund and help support Brookside! To give you an idea of how your donation can make a difference, here are some examples:

  • $25 can fund a staff appreciation gesture

  • $50 can pay for teacher supplies for a classroom project

  • $100 can support a need-based scholarship to allow a student to participate in an after-school enrichment class

  • $1,000 can allow us to bring the Pacific Science Center to each individual classroom at Brookside for a hands-on STEM lesson


Making a donation is easy.

You can donate to the Brookside Elementary PTA PayPal here: http://paypal.me/DonateToBrooksidePTA

Checks are also accepted at the school. Mail or drop off your check payable to: Brookside Elementary PTA

Employee Match

Please keep in mind that your donations to Brookside PTA are tax deductible. Also, many employers offer matches for donations made by their employees. If you or members of your family work at a company that matches gifts made to non-profit organizations, use the information below when you apply for the match! It automatically doubles your gift to the PTA, making that much more impact.

Non-profit 501(3)(c) -- Brookside PTA 6.12.15 -- Employer ID is 91-1154098

Brookside Elementary -- 17447 37th Ave NE, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155


There are many other ways to contribute to the Brookside Elementary PTA. We can always use volunteers to help out with many of our activities, such as the spring auction, classroom parent liaisons, and open PTA board roles. If you are able to volunteer for any of the upcoming events, whether online or in person, we will need the help.

Email volunteers@brooksidepta.org to let us know you are interested in volunteering, or see the PTA website for more details: https://brooksidepta.org/how-to-help/volunteering. The PTA is made up of parents and families like you, and we would be happy to match you with a volunteer opportunity that fits!

Thank you, and stay safe.

Elizabeth Labrum

Brookside PTA President

Download 2020 Annual Appeal Letter